Philosophy (the Heady Stuff).

In 2009, Burgeoning® was developed as a research cooperative for the exploration of time-based architecture and design. We strove to broaden trends in architectural discourse to include investigations into metaphysics and 'Pataphysics, the applied sciences, geometry, and art. Central to this work is the idea of "Communicative Ecology," wherein historical accounts between "man and nature" are investigated in literature and cybernetic behavioral systems. Several years later, we now extend this research into the application of urban design and the built environment, including architecture, regional planning, interior & furniture design, and graphic design.

This research analyzes contemporary architecture practices which widely defined 20th-Century urban, suburban, and rural design approaches (much of what surrounds our daily lives). While revolutionary in their responses to cultural change in modern and post-modern societies, these practices now evolve at a slower rate than many technology-driven disciplines, including: medical, electronic & software engineering, linguistics, digital fine art, and biotechnical fields. For this reason, we believe architecture must respond to a network of advancements which now encompass evolved, global environments. We believe the insight gained from our early research in Communicative Ecology and time-based design is uniquely posited in the exploration of 21st-Century architecture and design.