St. Regis, Xi’an



AREA: 1,184,000ft² (110,000m²) / 550 GUESTROOMS

For centuries, Suzhou's Lake Taihu region has been a source of inspiration for writers and poets. It is the third largest freshwater lake in China, supporting a rich fishing industry together with a vibrant mix of flora and fauna in the region.

Marriott & Renaissance, Suzhou, is inspired by a simple credo: respect Lake Taihu and its neighboring mountains, embrace lessons from the beautiful Suzhou garden typology, and become inspired by the unique heritage of craftspeople, painters, and historic architectures in the region.

The design is envisaged as a future model for sustainability which rethinks the hospitality experience for Marriott & Renaissance hotels. Both exist on a site which share common gardens, recreation & event amenities, together with a functional support armature that connects the two hotels, while maintaining a vibrant central greenspace. The hotels are designed to block winter winds while encouraging sweeping views towards Lake Taihu and the Yuyangshan mountain. Their geometries are positioned around sun exposures which reduce energy demands, while minimizing stormwater runoff and maximizing rain catchment.